I'm Andre Walker

Creating is my passion, and it comes in many forms.

Writing an article, producing a two-minute video package or designing a graphic all involves creating something from a single idea.

I've spent nearly 15 years forging ideas into products that inspires and informs. I approach every piece of work with patience, a strong attention to detail and accuracy. I consider it extremely important to get the finished product right the first time.

Adding value to the world and society in which we live is why I create.

Let's create together.

Georgia State University

Bachelor of Arts



Concentration: Public Relations


Political Science


Georgia Unfiltered

Assistant Property Manager

Hyatt Properties

Wheels Chairman

Argonne Parades

My Skills



Knowledge of open records laws, and the ability to navigate public records and find information hidden in plain view.


Clear, concise and creative style that adheres to AP guidelines.


Candid shots of events that captures emotions and adds an extra layer of depth to written pieces.

Adobe Creative Suite

Proficient in Audition, Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Public Relations

Crafting communications that put people and organizations in the best light, and assists them in achieving their strategic goals.

Event Planning

Logistics, publicity and post-event evaluations.



In 2015, Georgia Unfiltered celebrated ten years of covering news, politics, entertainment and much more.

The news site, founded and published by Andre Walker, features reports on local, state and federal issues. Georgia Unfiltered also profiles award-winning chefs like Todd Richards, interviews with world-famous artists such as Armin van Buuren and exclusive stories not seen anywhere else.

Georgia Unfiltered averages 25,000 page views per month, according to Google Analytics; with more than 1,100 likes on Facebook and 2,600+ followers on Twitter.


Video often tells a better story than the written word.

Pictures and sound more effectively captures the emotions of the moment; showing the audience why the news matters to them, instead of telling them through text.

Andre's videography and editing skills help craft a narrative that attracts viewers and drives them to learn more about what they just saw.

GSUTV Georgia Detours: Imagine Festival
Written & Co-produced by André Walker

GSUTV Georgia Detours: Imagine Festival | Promo 2
Edited by André Walker

GSUTV Georgia Detours: Imagine Festival | Promo
Edited by André Walker

Union City Mall Demolished to Make Way for Film & TV Studio
Written, Produced & Edited by André Walker

MARTA Comes to Clayton County
Written, Produced & Edited by André Walker

Marietta Resident Pelin Demirel Grabs Tomorrowland Tickets Before They're Gone
Written, Produced & Edited by André Walker


(During a 2013 visit to Decatur, Georgia, President Barack Obama unveiled a proposal to make early childhood education a priority for the federal government. Photo by Andre Walker)
Photography adds an extra level of depth to the written word. 

Like videos, photos can capture the emotions and feelings of the moment. 

People have come to expect embedded images with their news. They want to see what the reporter sees. Andre takes pride in snapping shots of newsmakers and newsworthy events that puts his audience in the center of the action. 

Andre's photography features scenes that cross the entire news spectrum.  His versatility allows him to take fun pictures at festivals and concerts one day, and serious images of public officials the next.

During his free time, Andre enjoys the peace and serenity he gets from photographing animals and other scenes of nature.

(A water skier wows crowds at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia . Photo by Andre Walker)

(Then-Governor Sonny Perdue addresses the Georgia Senate for the final time before he left office in 2010. Photo by Andre Walker)

(Tomorrowland, one the world's largest music festivals, is held annually in Belgium. Organizers of the 3-day event take pride in building stages that incorporates the surrounding environment in its designs. Photo by Andre Walker)

Graphic Design

Andre's passion to create leads him to experiment often with designs in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Still, Andre understands basic design principles such as avoiding trapped white space, and the importance of leading and kerning.

Kerning can mean the difference between “Massage Therapist” and “Massage The Rapist.”

Many of Andre's designs can be seen on this website, GeorgiaUnfiltered.com and his YouTube videos. He often uses red, blue, gold and white in his creations; and prefers to keep the designs simple so that they aren't too busy when others look at them.

Property Management

Nearly four decades ago, Andre's mother founded a property management business in metro Atlanta.

Ms. Walker taught Andre the ins and outs of managing property, which essentially is all about managing people.

Andre brings with him a complete knowledge of leasing homes, from writing engaging advertising copy to screening tenants. Andre's understanding of the eviction process also makes him an asset to any rental office.


Andre joined the Argonne Parades team in 2003 as a general volunteer for the WSB-TV "Salute 2 America" parade.

He learned the fast-paced nature of parades very quickly. Veteran parade directors Hobie Pileski and Barkley Russell schooled Andre on organizing large processions through the streets of a major metropolitan city. This included arranging parade units in the proper order, working with ham-radio operators to maintain constant communication with the TV production team, and learning how to improvise when participants didn't show up.

Andre became wheels committee chairman in two short years.

In this role, he coordinates float placement and setup for Atlanta's biggest parades such as the St. Patrick's Parade and the Children's Christmas Parade.

Andre's favorite float is the "Santa Claus" float, because it always brings smiles to kids' faces when they see the float during the parade.

Let's Create Together

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