Wednesday, April 11, 2018

(During a 2013 visit to Decatur, Georgia, President Barack Obama unveiled a proposal to make early childhood education a priority for the federal government. Photo by Andre Walker)
Photography adds an extra level of depth to the written word. 

Like videos, photos can capture the emotions and feelings of the moment. 

People have come to expect embedded images with their news. They want to see what the reporter sees. Andre takes pride in snapping shots of newsmakers and newsworthy events that puts his audience in the center of the action. 

Andre's photography features scenes that cross the entire news spectrum.  His versatility allows him to take fun pictures at festivals and concerts one day, and serious images of public officials the next.

During his free time, Andre enjoys the peace and serenity he gets from photographing animals and other scenes of nature.

(A water skier wows crowds at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia . Photo by Andre Walker)

(Then-Governor Sonny Perdue addresses the Georgia Senate for the final time before he left office in 2010. Photo by Andre Walker)

(Tomorrowland, one the world's largest music festivals, is held annually in Belgium. Organizers of the 3-day event take pride in building stages that incorporates the surrounding environment in its designs. Photo by Andre Walker)

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